Wine news July 2, 2015

Business Insider on why Trader Joe's wine is so cheap. "Making wine in huge quantities keeps production costs low. Bronco makes an impressive 90 million gallons of wine a year, according to Taber."

In the Press Democrat Constellation Brands purchased Napa Valley Meiomi wine brand for $315 million.

In the Telegraph Britain's worst wine etiquette revealed. "The poll of 2,000 UK adults by the International Wine Challenge (IWC) found other blunders included adding lemonade to red wine and pronouncing the 't' in Merlot and Pinot Noir."

Will Lyons in The Wall Street Journal on a biodynamic winery in Bordeaux. "But I like what they’re doing at Pontet-Canet. The last time I was there, they were building stables. In three years’ time, Ms. Tesseron says, they will have 15 horses working the land."

San Jose Mercury News recommends 5 summer wine books.

The New York Times on Delectable. "Over the same period, wines from the Loire Valley in France and Piedmont in Italy — again already favored among the wine pros — have become slightly more popular among regular users, while interest in the typically bolder wines of Tuscany and especially Bordeaux has fallen."

Mashable says Georgia is the next big wine destination. "Perhaps even more impressive than Georgia’s millennia of winemaking experience is the fact that many wineries still produce wine in the traditional Georgian way. These “natural wines”are growing in popularity internationally, with Georgia at the forefront of the movement."

 The Huffington Post on how to tell if wine is "cooked." "Please keep in mind that "cooked" wine is different than "corked" wine. Corked wines typically remind us of a wet newspaper."

Jane Anson in Decanter on Ernst Loosen. "Another interesting idea is one being trialed by Ernst Loosen in the Mosel Valley – a man described, with brilliant succinctness by journalist Dorothy Gaiter, as the German Mick Jagger for his rakish air." 

The Wine Enthusiast lists the 100 best wine restaurants.