Wine news July 7, 2016

The BBC on a treatment for alcoholics that includes serving wine. "It's not bad, the wine here," he says. "Out on the streets I was drinking mouthwash, hairspray."

In Decanter Jane Anson visits Bordeaux and meets live phylloxera bugs and finds some secret places. "‘These bugs are everywhere,’ he says cheerfully. ‘It’s not that we have eradicated the phylloxera louse in Europe, simply that we have worked out how to control them. They don’t like the leaves of our European vines so they head down to the roots, where they do all the damage."

Jon Bonné is Punch says the wine world is more than red, white or pink. "White isn’t just white. It’s green (vinho verde, riesling, young sémillon) and lemon (albariño, falanghina) and golden (roussanne, riper chardonnay)."

Business Insider on why it is hard to find cheap wine in Italy and France. "He explained that once a region draws acclaim for its wines, the region gains a reputation, and a price based on that reputation."

Palate Press on English sparkling wine. "In fact it’s more than just a thing: English sparkling wine has been beating French Champagne in blind tastings every year, lately."