Wine news June 13, 2018

Delish reports on wine water. "The drink plays on the 'near water' category that has everyone and their mother launching new seltzers, teas, and other lightly flavored bevs. This one mixes the smell and taste of wine with pure spring water."

The Wine Enthusiast explains wine blending. "The art of blending, to me, is to take individual pieces and make the sum of what you’re blending better than those individual pieces you started out with,” says Mike Macmorran, winemaker, of Mark Ryan Winery."

Bloomberg reports that there is such a thing as an Executive Wine MBA. “We couldn’t have launched Nine Suns winery without that,” she says. “Our business model grew out of a class I took on wine distribution.” 

Sevenfity Daily explores cold climate hybrid grapes. "Some 10,000 planted vines are presently under evaluation as part of UMN’s grape breeding and enology project, which is supported by a full lab and research winery."

The Drinks Business reports that a scientist has discovered that storing wine on its side doesn't help. "The cork will never dry out with almost 100% humidity in the headspace, so it is a myth that you need to store a bottle on its side,” he said."