Wine news June 23, 2017

The New York Times picks 20 rosé under $20. "Much of it is pretty dreadful, sped along the assembly line to be ready by late spring, yet short-lived enough to be dead by the end of summer. Ephemeral, but such pretty colors."

The Guardian on orange wine. "Orange wine is very common in Georgia, often found in eastern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, and now made by winemakers as far apart as South Africa and Spain. "

The Napa Valley Register on navigating a wine list. "To deconstruct and simplify any wine list, start by narrowing your selection process as you would with the menu or other shopping experience."

Winefolly on low tannin reds. "Some people believe they have tannin sensitivity. While there is very little research available on this topic, one study does suggest that ingested tannin may affect energy metabolization, growth rates, and protein digestibility in lab animals."