Wine news June 27, 2017

Gizmodo on if NASA plans to make wine in space. “Wine grapes would be an interesting challenge,” she told Gizmodo. “We have been working with some dwarf fruit trees that the USDA developed, and I have heard that they also have some dwarf grape vines, so if the plants were small enough or could be trained around, for example, lights, it would certainly be possible to grow them.”

Condé Nast Traveler on how to order wine abroad. "Repeat this can’t-fail passage to the sommelier: “Good evening. We’re ordering (list the dishes you’ve decided to eat). Will you please recommend a bottle of (pick red or white) wine under (pick the upper limit of what you’re willing to pay) that will go well with our food?"

The Washington Post on rosé's path from tacky to chic. "Millennials’ rejection of gender norms has also contributed to the rosé bump."

The Sacramento Bee on rosé season.

Decanter looks at the Schrader Cellars sale to Constellation Brands. "Fred Schrader said of his deal to sell to Constellation, ‘There was no question in my mind that they would be the perfect steward of Schrader moving forward."

Punch explains Barolo Chinato. "Barolo chinato may well be the most noble of bitter aromatized wines, claiming wine made from the hallowed nebbiolo grape, sourced from its home in Piedmont’s Barolo region, at its base. It thus combines the deep richness and floral, tarry complexity of Barolo with a bit of citrus tang and the bitterness (by way of quinine) of an amaro."

Winefolly on Croatian wine. "You’ve most likely already had a wine that originated in Croatia, you just don’t know it! In 1994, grape geneticist, Dr. Carol Meredith, discovered that Zinfandel (aka Primitivo) is identical to Croatia’s Tribidrag (or Crljenak Kaštelanski)."