Wine news June 4, 2015

Cheap wine sucks a manifesto on Kitchenette. "Seventy-five percent of American 50-year-olds think that the Hootie and the Blowfish song “I Only Want to Be with You” is better than Mahler’s Third Symphony, even when they were allowed to chug a Mike’s Hard Lemonade while listening to Mahler."

The New York Times reports that Taco Bell will start selling wine. "The move is an additional sign that Taco Bell is working to shed its fast-food image and appeal to millennials, who marketers say prefer places and products that seem less standardized and more authentic."

In Eater Levi Dalton on 10 ways to tell if your sommelier really knows wine.

The Mother Nature Network on the science behind the shape of wine glasses.

Jane Anson in Decanter asks are the chateaux trying to break up the en primeur system? "One of them – a leading courtier who brokers deals for the top classified estates and who makes over half of his annual turnover from en primeur – said bluntly, ‘we are at the end of the system. It is finished’."

Alder Yarrow on the secrets of the world's top wine lists. "But more than prices, the question of value remains a key consideration. Of the lists we examined, the average markup hovered somewhere around the 2x retail-price range, which is what anyone who dines out regularly has come to expect." on how Jackson Family Wines is using Tesla's energy storage device at six of its wineries in California.