Wine news March 14, 2016

CNN Money on Trump wine.

Vanity Fair reports on a hedge funder's wife seeking $15,000 in wine during divorce. "Let’s assume she has expensive taste and is spending $50 on a bottle of wine. Each bottle, with a generous pour, contains about five glasses. By our math, that is 1,520 glasses of wine a year or 29 glasses a week—about 4 a day."

The Telegraph asks is it a good thing to try to get a child to drink wine?

Bloomberg on the best American wine from places you would never guess. "At least right now, they’re not making wine anywhere in the United States better than California. Forty years from now? Things are going to look a whole lot different.”

Jancis Robinson says France has its share of bargains. "eaujolais has seen the most amazing turnaround in style and ambition with a new generation determined to make wines much more in the image of red burgundy than in the image of the old fast-fade Beaujolais Nouveau style."

Andrew Jefford in Decanter on the wines of Crete. "We’d just visited the Minoan wine-press at Vathipetro, part of a palace complex built around 1580 BCE (probably less than a hundred years after the Santorini explosion)."