Wine news March 15, 2018

In Punch Zachary Sussman on myths surrounding the ideal that wine should be made in the vineyard. "As far as myths go, the “shepherd vigneron” is a persuasive one, feeding into an increasingly popular pastoral fetish. It’s also a myth that, in my opinion, has outlived its usefulness."

Inc. on millenials breaking the rules in the wine industry. "Toshack's two-employee company aims to do just that, starting with its cans, which are decorated by illustrators and street artists."

The New York Times reviews "Our Blood is Wine" about the Georgian wine industry.

The Drinks Business Reports that Monty Waldin's Italian Wine Podcast celebrates it's first birthday. “Nowadays it’s all about competing for attention and the audio format has enormous potential. Podcasts can be enjoyed while driving, working out, and travelling and listeners are incredibly loyal to shows,” Kim said."