Wine news March 21, 2017

Food and Wine asks why does wine give you a headache? "According to a 2013 study, more than a third of regular wine drinkers report occasional headaches from wine—and not from overindulgence."

Forbes profiles Billionaire investor and entrepreneur,Howard Leight Jr. and his winery, Malibu Rocky Oaks. "The grape vines that were planted were primarily placed there to assist with water runoff from the mountainsides."

The Guardian on pairing wine with music. "Burzynska herself set up the world’s first “oenosthetic” wine and sound bar in Christchurch’s the Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery in 2014 (it has since closed)." interviews Mark Andrew the founder of Noble Rot Magazine. "As someone who is actively seeking out Greek wines, selling and promoting them, there is a shortage of small artisanal boutique wineries focusing on indigenous varieties when compared to France, Italy and Spain. For me, that is the main issue. When I look at Santorini it is 2-3 wineries, in Naoussa 4-5. We need more!"

Decanter on a sommelier shortage in England due to BREXIT. "‘More and more top-end sommeliers are going to other countries, like China – and Asia in general,’ he said."