Wine news march 24, 2015

In Business Insider 11 wines to try if you are bored of the same varietals.

In Decanter, Scientists harness yeast to cut wine alcohol levels.

Winesearcher asks what is the big deal about kosher wine?

In The Drinks Business delivery app Thirstie gets funding, expands.

Exchange rate lessons from Australia's wine boom and bust from the Wine Economist.

The Hosemaster pens California's letter to Jon Bonné as he leaves San Francisco for the East Coast. "You traveled all over to find the smallest people you could find, wineries with less production than the prostates of the Vienna Boys Choir, and then praised them with all of your mightiest journalistic firepower. "

Steve Heimoff on how wine can be as cool as beer or cocktails. "Back to Parker. He knows as well as anyone that the Bordeaux, Burgundies and Californians he helped push to astronomical heights can be very difficult to suss out in blind tastings. Why some people continue to buy them is, in fact, a matter for behavioral and cognitive scientists, not wine critics."