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Wine news March 25, 2014

Pennsylvania lawmakers look at ending state owned control of wine sales, reports Wine Enthusiast.

Missouri had the first America AVA, beating Napa reports Winesearcher.

Burgundy’s growing season is already some two weeks ahead of itself due to a warm start to spring, prompting fears of frost damage, reports The Drinks Business. California grapes vines are budding early reports Wines and Vines.

In Wine and Spirits Jamie Goode on New Zealand's Pinot Noir challenge.

Winefolly on the best red wine for beginners.

Forbes on a Tuscan producer whose business plan starts with Dante.

Tom Wark contemplates the 100 point scale.

The Hosemaster teaches how to drink wine, not a fan of stemless wine glasses.

Eric Asimov in the New York Times on a progressive Californian urban winemaker who produces some of the most interesting wine in California today.

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