Wine news March 27, 2015

Eric Asimov in the New York Times on a return to the classic Napa style of winemaking. "When I first visited Napa as a child in 1968, my family tasted wines made from esoteric grapes like green Hungarian and charbono. Nary a mention of cabernet."

The next wine wine school subject from Asimov in the New York Times is Muscadet. "Yet, as has happened all around the wine-producing world, a small group of focused, quality-conscious growers and producers has fought the clichés of Muscadet by making exceptional, multidimensional wines, fascinating on many levels."

On Eater, what's the best Kosher wine to service for passover. 

Yahoo Travel talks to Kermit Lynch about wine regions that haven't been ruined by tourism.

The Wine Enthusiast talks to Kate Hudson about her winery. "Winemaking is not something you do to make real money. It’s something you do because you are passionate about it."

In Fox News people think weaker wine tastes better. "A new study conducted by Spanish neuroscientists at the Basque Center of Cognition, Brain, and Language, found that most people prefer think wine with a lower alcohol content tastes because it allows them to focus on the diverse flavor profiles of the beverage."

Wines and Vines asks is organic viticulture a possibility in the East of the US.

In Bloomberg Woolf Sung Founder and CEO Sebastian Woolf discusses investing in fine wine.