Wine news March 28, 2018

The Jamestown Sun asks if drinking wine can help you live longer. "According to an insurance calculator, I have a 75 percent chance of making age 90, with a pretty good potential of making it to 95, which is well past the prediction of 56 years when I was born."

Bloomberg on how Portugal is doubling down on cork. "Riding an increased demand for traditionally bottled wine, the company has been asking Portuguese landowners to plant more oak trees."

The Drinks Business reports that Wine Australia calls China the 'wild west' for wine. "“China is the wild west for wine. There’s no question about it. Everybody wants a piece of it,” said Lucas, who had 11 years of working in China with ASC and Bacardi before joining Wine Australia."

Decanter talks to director Jason Wise about Somm III. "‘There’s no question that this is the absolute best cast I’ve had, times 1,000,’ said director Jason Wise of the currently untitled film."