Wine news March 7, 2017

KVVR says Millennials like wine. “They are a big part of the market here. I believe the millennial generation is the largest generation surpassing the baby boomers and that carries a lot of weight when it comes to buying power,” said Manager with 99 Bottles, Justin Blanford."

The New York Times says wine is food. "Make no mistake: Just as surely as supermarket aisles in the United States are lined with processed foods, the products of painstaking research into flavor components, manufacturing techniques and customer desires, so are they filled with bottles of processed wine."

Decanter on how English sparkling wine is taking on New York. "New Yorkers will try anything once, but it still took years for grower Champagne to carve its own place on restaurant lists."

The Daily Meal on why one should visit Stag's Leap Winery in Napa. "Our knowledgeable and friendly guide, Tammy White, knew the winery and its wines inside and out, and the stories behind some of these wines are amazing."

The AJC asks what is the best wine stopper? " In Seinfeld’s bit, he goes on to imply that the Chinese should have, at some point, recognized that a farmer uses a shovel, which is the agrarian equivalent of a spoon."