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Wine news March 8, 2017

Eric Asimov in the New York Times on how to drink wine.  "Steaks and other rich, fatty meats can take bigger, more tannic reds, while burgers might be better with juicier reds. But it’s hard to go wrong, unless the wine is simply not very good."

The Chicago Tribune on Roero. "Roero has been producing increasingly good nebbiolo-based wines for years, and thus offering a viable alternative to the much more prestigious, much more expensive nebbiolo-based wines of neighboring Barolo and Barbaresco."

The Sun on how red wine can help resist aging. "And they found it has similar abilities in warding off the ravages of time – raising hopes for new anti-ageing treatments."

Luxury wine rooms are a home design trend reports Decanter. "Prices aren’t cheap, starting at around £30,000 for typical wine room."

Palate Press on an ambitious winery project in Maryland. " But one of the things that drew Levenberg to the East Coast is his belief that the area, warts and all, has the potential to grow better grapes and make better wines than can be done in California’s drip-irrigated, climate-manicured vineyards."

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