Wine news May 11, 2017

NBC on African American women cultivating new ground in the wine world. "Entrepreneurs such as Nichelle and Nicole Nichols founded The Guilty Grape, a wine centered lifestyle brand providing a community platform for new wine drinkers."

Marketwatch on how wine and cheese make  you smart and healthy. "And red wine, in moderation, can help your heart and your brain, according to a recent study published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition."

Decanter on rosé with a Burgundian soul. "It’s little known even in France itself, thought to date back to 8th century, with a highpoint under Louis XIV who was apparently not only a fan of the wine but used the local stone to build Versailles – the story goes that the stone came first, before the stonemasons introduced him to the wine."

The Drinks Business reports Rabobank reports on changing tides in the US market. "Approaching the US market as one market in itself is not always the best course of action, as it is in fact a composition of (at least) 50 different markets, says Rabobank, each with “different demographics and vastly different structures and laws governing the sale of wine”. Consequently, more producers are seeking out alternative routes to target individual markets."

Jon Bonné in Punch tackles Grüner Veltliner. "Frankly, this was flat-out our best tasting since last year’s panel on Teutonic rosé, which reinforces a long-held belief at PUNCH: that this part of the world is a source, more than ever, for tremendous value—not just for those cheap, satyric bottles, but for serious wines that everyone should be drinking."