Wine news May 17, 2018

Seven Fifty Daily says clay pots are trendy. " “Almost every ancient culture, from the Canaanites to the Egyptians to the Assyrians to the Greeks and Romans, vinified in pottery vessels,” says Patrick McGovern, the scientific director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia."

The Chicago Tribune says wine doesn't go with everything and it shouldn't have to. "We love certain food and drink combinations for the feelings they give us, as much as for the smells, tastes and textures we experience when we consume them."

The San Francisco Chronicle on Point Reyes which it says embodies the natural wine movement. "Deixler’s on the frontier, making wine in a region not known for wine. His carignan is pure, intense and a little wild."

In Punch Jon Bonné on restaurants that combine non-Western food with innovative wine programs. "A similar mix of avant-garde wine choices and novel cooking could be found at the restaurant Fung Tu, located on New York’s Lower East Side."

The Drinks Business reports that you can now get English wine in cans.