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Wine news May 16, 2018

The Guardian asks has wine gone bad? "Natural wines are in vogue,” reported the Times last year. “The weird and wonderful flavours will assault your senses with all sorts of wacky scents and quirky flavours.”

USA Today on a cat cafe that combines wine and cats. "We stopped at this cafe and my kids had ice cream and I had wine while my husband had a beer," she said. "And this tabby cat that hung out in the cafe came and jumped on my lap. I was sipping on my wine and petting her and she was just purring away."

The Wine Enthusiast on Austrian wine. "Austria is punching far above its weight and the wine world agrees. Exports are booming, and wherever you are, there’s surely some Grüner nearby. But while the country is small, it’s very diverse."

The Drinks Business explores Turkish wine. “There’s zero background information on winemaking in Turkey,” said O’Donnell. “Historically people haven’t collaborated, but it is starting to open up now,” he said, adding that Turkish wineries are not traditionally open to the public."

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