Wine news May 29, 2018

Marketwatch on how China is targeting Australian wine amongst allegations of political meddling. " A deepening spat over allegations of Chinese meddling in Australian politics has led to cases of wine piling up at Chinese ports and nationalists calling for tougher trade retaliations."

The New York Times on why you should be drinking weird wines. "Nowadays, the trendy names include juhfark, from Hungary; obaideh, from Lebanon; chasselas, from Switzerland; and saperavi, from the republic of Georgia." on Nova Scotia, Canada's newest wine region. "The wineries are spread far and wide throughout the province, but the bulk of them make their home in the fertile Annapolis Valley, which is also known for its apple crop and its production of Nova Scotia’s famed blueberries."

W Magazine likes Jon Bon Jovi's new rosé. "At a launch dinner over Memorial Day weekend on Sunday night at the Surf Lodge in Montauk, Bon Jovi was ecstatic about a soon-to-be-published high score from Wine Spectator, as well as enthusiastic reviews from other industry publications."

Jancis Robinson celebrates port. "Port might be said to be literally the ultimate sleeping draught. In northern Portugal there are presumably some people who drink port in the middle of the day, but for most of us, if we drink port at all, it is a post-prandial treat, the last thing to pass our lips before late-night toothpaste."

Punch visits the wine cellar at Portland's Canard. "Specifically, it’s the kind of spot characterized by free-form sections like “In-Between Wines,” boasting offbeat orange wines and lesser-known rosés (think, Canary Islandsand Corsica)."

In Decanter Andrew Jefford evaluates wine scoring systems. "A universal scoring system does not exist.  Critics sometime protest otherwise, but all scores are relative, relating to the peer-group within which the reviewed wines lie."