Wine news November 10, 2015 on how global warming is helping English wine production. "England's 470 vineyards and 135 commercial wineries produced more than 6 million bottles last year, two thirds of which were sparkling wine." profiles Washington wine writer and retailer Paul Zitarelli. "Full Pull is similar in scope to Garagiste, which was founded by another Seattleite, Jon Rimmerman, in the 1990s. But Rimmerman’s focus is on the wines of Europe, while Zitarelli’s is on those of Washington and Oregon."

Eric Asimov in the New  York Times reviews Chinese wine. "Because Bordeaux is so prized in China, most Chinese wine producers use it as a model."

Jane Sasseen in the New York Times on the growth of the Chinese wine industry. "A decade ago, Ningxia had just a handful of wineries. Today, there are more than 70, with 40 more under construction, and the government plans to reach 200 by 2020."

Dr. Vino commenting the New York Times articles and on Ningxia wine. "But if Ningxia aims to be “the next Napa Valley,” as they do with their focus on estate wines, the Ningxia wine bureau (yes there is such a thing) should take a page from Napa’s playbook and pass reforms that make it so Ningxia wines can only be made with grapes from the region."

Decanter reports that California 2015 wines are scarce but promising. "Vines fatigued by three years of drought and three consecutive generous vintages (2012-2014) also tended to produce smaller berries than usual. This phenomenon was most conspicuous in Pinot Noir, but Chardonnay was also below average."

 In Winefolly understanding German Riesling by the label.

The Wine Economist on the puchase by French fashion house Chanel of St. Supéry winery in Napa. "The facts of the sale are these. Chanel owners Alain and Gérard Wertheimer,  who are said to be worth €16.6bn, have reached an agreement to pay an undisclosed sum for the winery on Highway 29 in Rutherford, the 35 acre vineyard there and presumably  also the magnificent 1500 acre Dollarhide Vineyard up north in the hills."