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Wine news November 12, 2015

The New York Times profiles Heights Chateau in New York. "In those days, though, the block also had many Middle Eastern restaurants with B.Y.O.B. policies, which led to a steady clientele, and Heights Chateau slowly built a relationship with the residents of the pristine streets that flanked Atlantic Avenue."

Eater answers the question what sort of wine should I bring to a holiday party.

Vinography introduces Uruguayan wine. "Though it languishes in obscurity, thanks in part to the long shadow cast by its neighbor and friendly arch-rival Argentina, Uruguay has been producing wine for well over 100 years, and in the last thirty years, some of that wine has become extremely high in quality."

Jane Anson in Decanter on a merchant who straddles the divide between Frane and Italy. "Baroli knows a little about this, as his wines have a distribution agreement with Moët Hennessy’s Estates & Wines. He sees a gradual opening up as an ‘inevitable and healthy part of Piedmont’s growing reputation’.  

The Drinks Business talks to Daniel O'Donnel of Kayra in Turkey. "He also spoke of his mission to veer consumer tastes in Turkey away from lashings of oak. “Turkey is an emerging wine market and in many new markets people view oak as a good thing. I’ve been weaning our consumers off of oak for several years."

Punch on Thanksgiving wines.

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