Wine news November 20, 2015

In The Wall Street Journal Lettie Teague follows the opening of Greenwich Village's Quality Eats. "To encourage experimentation, Messrs. Stillman and Passer planned to offer all of the wines on the list by the glass and bottle. For fun, they’re introducing a new concept—“stackable wine”—three separate, small carafes that can be stacked to create a standard 750 mL bottle."

Forbes on Montefalco Rosso. "The D.O.C. requires that Montefalco Rosso be comprised of 60-70% Sangiovese, 10-15% Sagrantino, and the remainder from other red grapes (typically Merlot). "

Eater on a robot that tastes wine. "The $90,000 contraption — purchased from French company Alpha Moss—  includes a robotic arm with a sensor that is dipped into food or beverages. The sensor detects sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, metallic, and umami flavors."

The Guardian says don't be fooled into buying into name bottles. "The main culprit, as I’ve suggested before, is Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the quality of whose wines rarely match their handsome bottling."

In Le Pan Serena Sutcliffe on Champagne pairings. "Vintage Bollinger Rosé is made for dim sum, while vintage Moët Rosé has the ‘meatiness’ to be right on with cold roast beef or feathered game." 

Jamie Goode reflects on wine media. "Now I’d like to address a pair of related questions: has the increase in volume of wine media resulted in increased choice for consumers of this media? And has quality suffered as quantity has risen? Are we drowning in a sea of mediocrity?"

In Punch Zachary Sussman on an uncertain future for the world's iconic sweet wines. "In 2013, just 210,000 liters of Sauternes were shipped to the United States, compared to over 650,000 in 1973."

In the New York Times Eric Asimov recommends an invigorating end to Thanksgiving. "Chinato (pronounced key-NOT-oh) is a fortified wine in which neutral spirits are infused with a combination of ingredients including quinine, called chinino in Italian, hence the name Chinato. It’s then blended with a base of Barolo wine and sweetened with sugar."