Wine news November 3, 2015

Vice on how "corkage cowboys" are scamming restaurants out of wine fees. "Like, ‘Oh, yeah, Screaming Eagle, great.’” And it would be great, except that the nicety is manipulated. “Once a staff member begins drinking from that bottle, the assumption is that the corkage fee will be waived.” said another top wine professional. “That’s not a gift of generosity; it’s a gift of expectation.”

Bicycling on the best wines for cyclists. "Sonoma, Bordeaux, Chianti: Is it any coincidence that the most beautiful places to ride also produce the most delicious wines? We think not."

Vogue asks if a sommelier can still work while pregnant. "Jordan Salcito, Master Sommelier candidate, beverage director for Momofuku restaurants, and founder of Bellus Wines, didn’t flinch: “I love my job and couldn’t imagine ever leaving it once I found out I was pregnant."

Decanter on Ornellaia bianco and Super Tuscan white's. "The genesis of this new wine goes back as far as 2006. An end-of-harvest party – Heinz’s second at the estate – was celebrated with some white wine fermented just a few days previously, made from Sauvignon Blanc that had resisted grafting onto Merlot."

The Drinks Businessreports on the opening day for Bordeaux's Guggenhiem of wine. "Bordeaux’s new €81m (£58m) Cité du Vin wine centre will open on June 2 2016, it has been announced."

Jamie Goode asks what is the perfect resaurant wine list? "But what is really frustrating is bad wine lists, where the selection is dire. I often go intro a restaurant with an intention to buy some nice wine, but end up despairing at the hideousness of the list, and opt for a beer or a negroni instead."

Vinepair on the best US winelists.