Wine news November 5, 2015

The Los Angeles Times looks at old Kermit Lynch newsletters. "In these decades-old newsletters it's interesting to see the beginnings of Lynch's style as a wine writer, but even more so, the entries on various wines reveal in the breathtaking change in wine prices over the years."

In the Huffington Post the black market for wine means that you may be drinking poison. "Once high status players in the luxury wine trade, both Hardy Rodenstock and Rudy Kurniawan found ways to infiltrate and corrupt the industry as a whole, duping prominent wine enthusiasts out of millions of dollars over time."

CNET on wine storage solutions.

Jane Anson in Decanter on Listrac-Medoc in Bordeaux. "But, Listrac-Médoc is still on a par with St-Emilion and is four times more expensive than Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux."

In Le Pan Serena Sutcliffe enjoys drinking old wine. "All I do know is that we walked out of the tasting as if in a dream, over the vineyards under a high-riding full moon." 

Jon Bonné in Punch on Long Island wine's search for a new identity. "A handful of winemakers—both newer talents and a handful of long-established producers, like Paumanok—are working to answer some important questions: How do you get past the growing pains and figure out what types of wine you might uniquely contribute to the world? And what, in fact, does Long Island taste like when it’s not trying to mimic another place?"