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Wine news October 13, 2016

Bloomberg on how to pick wine for a party. “The 2015 Wind Gap Trousseau Gris,” said Parr. “It’s esoteric, you’ve never heard of it. I’d want to give Mick Jagger something experimental, out there. He’s a rule breaker.”

The Wall Street Journal speaks to the owner of Brooklyn Oenology in Williamsburg. "Ms. Shaper opened the Brooklyn Oenology tasting room in 2010, when the neighborhood wasn’t as chic as it is today. She also took on several winemaking clients and now produces wine under her BOE label and for Long Island producers like Croteaux Vineyards and custom wines for various wine shops and restaurants in Brooklyn and Long Island."

Business Insider talks to a nutritionist about how much wine one should drink. "That's according to nutritionist Karen Ansel (MS, RDN), who says that moderate alcohol consumption — one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men — has been linked to improved heart health."

The Seattle Weekly on snobby somms and other problems with natural wines. "Yet as the somm community grows and the once-exotic becomes commonplace, a dangerous level of elitism can arise.:"

Eater on why wine label design is important. "Making unconventional labels helps your wine stand out, Mack said, and as if on cue, a man grabbed a bottle of O.P.P. off the shelf, and Mack’s face lit up."

The Star Tribune on the economics behind a bottle of wine. "And then there are the barrels: A 55-gallon French oak barrel can cost up to $1,500, which comes to $5.43 for each bottle that emerges from it."

In Decanter Jane Anson tries 1982 Bordeaux. "And yet to a bottle, they were still full of life, their complexity showing a different facet each time I returned to them."

Punch explores Loire Valley Cabernet Franc. "Of course, those who follow a less-obvious path in wine have been seeing that charm forever, perhaps nowhere more than in Chinon, now synonymous with a franc-based red that far outperforms its modest prices."

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