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Wine news October 17, 2016

The New Yorker reviews the new documentary about wine fraud. "Amid so much macho bluster and wishful thinking, “Sour Grapes” suggests, the con man can start to seem like the lone truth-teller."

The Guardian asks what makes a wine taste good? "It’s because our perception system works according to expectations."

Andrew Jefford in Decanter explores the changes going on in Cava. "My view is that this is the best official news about Cava in my lifetime: a long overdue measure that finally brings producers the chance to communicate the extraordinary finesse, intricacy, refinement and, yes, pronounced ‘minerality’ which these wines are capable of expressing."

Jamie Goode on how rosé is made. 

Winefolly on why the US are organic outsiders when it comes to wine. "The US and Europe have different requirements that must be met in order for a wine to be certified as organic. U.S. organic wine standards are considerably more strict, limiting the ability for US winemakers to certify their wines as organic."

Jancis Robinson explores Port and how it is helping the Douro court tourism. "I was amazed by the growth in tourism there – not least because when I first visited the city in 1976 it was truly grimy and seemed to be full of dirty washing, cobbles and barefoot children."

Alfonso Cevola on endangered wine lists in the new millennium. "And while Chianti and Bordeaux aren’t the only ones on the endangered list, they seem have been singled out for their lack of edginess, for unsatisfactory coolness. They’ve been left out of the Instagram Generation."

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