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Wine news October 2, 2014

Decanter on Burgundy wine broker Becky Wasserman.

Winesearcher profiles Gaja. "The name of Gaja's Cabernet Sauvignon-based red, Darmagi, first released in 1985, means "what a pity" in the Piedmont dialect, said to be Giovanni’s reaction to the arrival of Bordeaux varieties in Barbaresco."

Snooth asks its contributors yea or nea to Bordeaux.

Dr. Vino features a video of wine pouring using the iPhone's new slow mo feature.

Winefolly on wine and your sex drive.

S. Irene Virbila in the Los Angeles Times, "It's harvest season: head to Santa Barbara wine country to celebrate."

The Wall Street Journal asks, can English wines compete on the world stage?

Bank executive jailed for using company card to buy $1,000 bottles of wine and lap dances reports the Associated Press.

Woman in Spain dies in barrel from intoxication from the fumes of the fermentation process reports

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