Wine news September 11, 2015

NBC reports that some see wine as investment option to drown stock market sorrows. "Liang sees high-end collectible French wines such as Bordeaux and Burgundy — which she says have averaged 50 percent or more in returns over 10 years, as long as they weren't purchased at a peak price — as presenting a particularly good opportunity."

Seattle Refined reviews a wine aerator.

Vice on Oakland priests making wine in a cemetery. "Before a concerted effort to improve Bishop’s Vineyard’s quality in 2013, the would-be vintners were simply offering altar wine to Oakland’s parishes free of charge. With Rosenblum’s help, the quality of the wine improved and distribution possibilities expanded."

Wine Spectator reports on a calendar of Austrian female winemakers.

Decanter reports that Chateau lafite has won a trademark battle in China.

New York Times wine school visits Chinon. "More than that, we should recognize that herbal flavors are an important part of both cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon, even if many modern producers have been conditioned to avoid even the suggestion of “green” flavors in their wines."