Wine news September 19, 2016

Eric Asimov's New  York Times Wine School wraps up Albariño and moves on to Oregon Pinot Noir.

Bloomberg reports that the Aubrey McClendon wine auction raised $8.4M. "The collection included Bordeaux wines such as Chateau Mouton Rothschild and Chateau Margaux, as well as cabernets from the Napa Valley region of California, according to Hart Davis Hart Wine Co., which ran the auction at a Chicago restaurant on Saturday."

Andrew Jefford in Decanter visits with Chris Howell of Cain. “The conceits that I accept are that mountain wines tend to have a stronger character; that they tend to age longer; that they are usually darker in colour and that they have more perceptible tannin.  I’d also say that they have a different character of ripeness: less overt, sometimes even with some ‘green’ aromatics, and with a palate of greater finesse.”


The Drinks Business on the top five wine regions you didn't know existed.


Winefolly on what you can tell about a wine by looking at its color.

Jancis Robinson on German white's - anything but Riesling. "It had been some time since I had tasted a group of these wines en masse and I was delighted to note that the excessive oak that was for a while a common fault in these wines is now extremely rare in the exalted reaches of the Grosse Gewächse."

The Washington Post on how Dusty Baker sees similarities in his team, wine and baseball. “People talk about the playoffs, but you have to get to the playoffs,” Baker said, unconsciously echoing the wine cliche that “wine is made in the vineyard.”