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Wine news September 19, 2017

Bon Appetit asks should you be decanting your wine? "Decanting these wines aerates them and lets them to breath, smoothing out bolder characteristics and flavors and allowing volatile compounds to blow off."

The Washingtonian on 10 things to know about French wine. "Carignan and Piquepoul are two examples of grapes you probably don’t know as well that you should seek out and try!"

Reuters reports on wine fraudster Rudy Kurniawan losing his appeal. "The Manhattan judge said he would not second-guess the lawyers' "strategic decision" not to demand hearings, and that holding them would not have mattered because authorities had probable cause to believe Kurniawan was selling "rare and expensive" counterfeit Burgundy wines at auction."

The Fresno Bee explores wine weed. "California, after all, is the country’s only state where it’s legal to infuse weed with wine."

The Daily Mail on how to read a wine list like an expert. "If in doubt, remember the rule – whatever grows together goes together. If you are enjoying an Italian dish – like a pizza or a tomato-based sauce, for example – then an Italian wine is a pretty-safe bet."

Decanter on how a long lost wine grape can help in the fight against climate change. "It’s thought that Tardif’s late ripening qualities might give winemakers more options when faced with higher temperatures that are expected this century due to climate change."

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