Wine news September 2, 2016

WTOP on the top 10 wine trends. "In 1960, the U.S. drank a total of 163 million gallons of wine. By 2015, that number jumped to 913 million gallons."

Chicago Tribune on Oregon Pinot Noir. "The state's most celebrated and successful wine style could generally be classified as somewhere between the heady, earthy pinot noirs of Burgundy — the grape's ancestral home in France — and the fruity, jammy pinots of California."

The Guardian celebrates wine-on-tap and bag-in-a-box. " Despite my best efforts and those of my fellow wine hacks, wine is still shrouded in mystery for too many. Bag-in-box, pouch or whatever you call it lowers the barriers."

The Drinks Business reports that bulk wine is now 38% of global wine exports.

The Wine Economist on Georgian wine. "When celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain visited Georgia he also cited high alcohol consumption and complained of frequent hangovers, although this might be Bourdain being Bourdain as much as Georgian tradition."