Wine news September 29, 2015

Business Insider on why wine tastes different from year to year. "The best vineyards benefit from a confluence of environmental factors that produce exceptional flavor on most years. But no two years are the same."

Vox on the truth about red wine's benefits. "Back in the 1990s, researchers were puzzling over why the French had lower rates of heart disease than people in other countries, even though they smoked more and ate more saturated fat."

Decanter reports on Napoleon's wine prison rations. "Handwritten notes show that Napoleon and his staff received a bottle of Champagne plus 10 bottles of ‘claret’ every day while imprisoned on St Helena, a tiny island off the west coast of Africa."

The top 10 wine label controversies in The Drinks Business. "This prompted the winemaker – clearly a man inspired by Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver – to name his wine You F**k My Wine?!."

The Hosemaster of Wine on America's Next Top Somm. "Known for underpaying sommeliers because he knows they want his name on their resumés, he’s a hero to restaurant owners everywhere, it’s Thomas Keller!”