Wine news September 29, 2017

The Chicago Tribune explains phylloxera. "In France alone, it is estimated that more than 6 million acres of vineyards were destroyed."

Food and Wine on how how Food and Wine started as insert in Playboy Magazine. "The original group of five founders, Robert and Lindy Kenyon (parents of newscaster Sandy Kenyon), Michael and Ariane Batterberry (who would later go on to run the much beloved Food Arts) and Peter Jones convinced Playboy there was an opportunity to create a magazine for an emerging passion group: Epicureans."

Eric Asimov's New York Times Wine School wraps up blaufränkisch and moves on to Crozes-Hermitage. "In drinking these wines I sensed a joyousness, particularly in the Nittnaus." "Crozes-Hermitage has suffered, often rightly, in the shadow of Hermitage, a wine of greatness and grandeur grown on the magnificent hill called Hermitage."