Wine news September 30, 2016

The Wall Street Journal on wine lovers behaving badly. " He wrote to me about a high-profile divorcée who regularly invited men to lunch or dinner and ordered expensive wine. After the meal was over, she left for the ladies’ room, never to return, leaving her male invitee to pick up the very large check."

In the New York Times Eric Asimov celebrates winemaker Stanko Radikon who died recently. "Mr. Radikon’s refusal, since 2002, to add sulfur dioxide was not the only noteworthy characteristic of the wines. The whites were closer to amber or orange, and they sometimes seemed cloudy, as they were not filtered."

David White talks to NPR about Champagne trends. "Just as an apple grown in Virginia tastes different from an apple grown in Massachusetts, sparkling wines from say, Sonoma, Calif., will always taste different from Champagne."

Vogue recommends 6 extravagant bottles of wine.

Decanter on how demand for English wine is still rising. "Chapel Down said it had planted 95 acres of new vineyards during the six-month period, including 40 acres on newly leased sites in Kent and another 55 acres with contract partners."

Jon Bonné in Punch on a new era for white Burgundy. "Lots of winemakers have begun to ask those very questions—in part because, like the Burgundians, they’re wary of wines dying too young, but also because they’ve grown confident that drinkers will understand if their wines appear shy and closed at first. "