Wine news September 6, 2017

The BBC asks could English wine conquer the world? "With more UK land being used for grape growing, and the industry targeting exports of 2.5 million bottles by 2020, could the country be on track to becoming a serious wine producer on the world stage?"

Bloomberg on why its hard to tell if $100,000 bottle of wine is fake. "But no wine crime is more extensive than counterfeiting. Mostly it’s done with fine and rare wines; now, less remarkable wines are being targeted."

Rolling Stone on watching Maynard James Keenan harvest grapes. "He notes how various geological, meteorological and historical factors will make his crop of cabernet sauvignon grapes, grown in Jerome, Arizona, different from those grown in Napa."

Decanter reports that a company has started to produce "wine flour." "Finger Lakes Wine Flour has created range of varietal flours using Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Riesling and Gerwurztraminer, and a red blend."