Wine news September 9, 2016

The Sacramento Bee asks how can a wine made in Georgia be labelled Napa Valley? (Check out Grape Collective's video interview with Peter Mondavi embedded in the article.) Flexing political muscles, 48 members of the House of Representatives, including three dozen Californians, are seeking tighter labeling rules to protect the value of names like “Napa Valley.” Opponents fear the consequences, with one Texas winemaker warning that new rules would prove a “devastating blow.” 

Thrillist on the best wine country destinations you have never heard of. "A lot of the grapes in Tenerife are being grown on fairly recent volcanic soil, so they have a flavor affinity with the Sicilian wines found near Mount Etna."

Do Bianchi on how Nebbiolo power brokers are creating a Piemonte Nebbiolo DOC. "According to a person familiar with their discussions, the Barolo-Barbaresco-Alba-Langhe-Dogliani Consortium and the Barbera d’Asti-Wines of Monferrato Consortium have agreed this week to move forward with the creation of a Piemonte Nebbiolo DOC."