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25 Wine Innovators

The Innovators: Wine's 25 Trailblazers

The Innovators: Wine's 25 Trailblazers

Final Selections Made By The Editors, Reporting By Alia Akkam

One of the beautiful things about wine is how it embodies a commitment to tradition, to time-honored practices embraced by many of its greatest personalities. The world of wine, however, teems with trailblazers devoted to changing the profile of the humble grape in all forms, from viticulture practices to compelling wine lists.

We tapped into all reaches of wine — from wineries and restaurants to technology and social media sectors – to select the 25 people who have left a distinct imprint of innovation on an ever-shifting drinking landscape. This list recognizes the fearless leaders whose efforts in winemaking, marketing, retail, importing, media and education have altered our perception of wine and led us to appreciate it in new ways over the last ten years.

Selected by Grape Collective editors and writers, these are The Innovators. And to them, we raise a glass.

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