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75 Percent of British Men Scared to Drink Wine When Out With Their Buddies

British men, why are only one in four of you willing to order wine outside of the home when out on the town with your fellow dudes? Especially when 90 percent of you have no problem drinking it in the relative anonymity of your private residence.

According to a study of 1,500 adults commissioned by the Côtes du Rhône wine region and reported in The Drinks Business, it's because British blokes are afraid of being made fun of by their buddies. A spokesperson for the group elaborated, "A large number of British blokes now say they enjoy a glass of wine when in their own home, but the majority still swap their Paris goblet for a pint pot, or order a spirit and mixer when out with friends in the pub, at a party or in a restaurant. Just a small number of men drink a glass of wine when down the pub. At parties the number increases slightly, and in a restaurant than figure rises to just over half.”

I'm guessing the selection of wines down at the corner pub may not be that compelling, but what's the deal? Dudes, if you were out at a bar would you be reticent to order a glass of wine if everyone else was having beer or a mixed drink?

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