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From Reasonably Pleasant to Absolutely Ghastly: A Brewmaster Reviews Cheap Wines

Who is brave enough to review some of the most notoriously bad, cheap wines every produced? It's Summit Brewing Company Head Brewer Damian McConn, doing so for Buzzfeed. Kudos for putting it on YouTube.

McConn begins with M/D ("Mad Dog") 20/20, calling it "sickly sweet" and "jarring". Yellow Tail Sauvignon Blanc, "a wee fruity number", is dammed with the faint praise of "reasonably pleasant". Carlo Rossi Sangria is reminiscent of Christmas pudding and would appeal to his 5 year-old son. Top-scoring Franzia White Zinfandel (3 out of a possible 5 points) is "not too bad, actually". And the abomination that is Boone's Farm Blue Hawaiian Flavored Apple Wine Product? Though it does have a color reminiscent of the 50th state's beaches, the flavor is "absolutely ghastly".

Check out the video. And, yes, McConn is rewarded with a pint for his troubles.

Hat-tip to Terroirist.

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