How to Make the Fine Wine Power 100

Are you a winery wondering how to crack The Drinks Business' Fine Wine Power 100 ranking? A fateful decision before your first bottle is corked may have already doomed you to being on the outside looking in. Rupert Millar, conducting an analysis of this list, discovered that wineries with certain first letters in their names had much better representation than others. If you have a winery (or brand) beginning with E, I, N, Q, U, W, X, or Z, you didn't sniff the top 100. L, C, P, B, D, J, G, M? Your odds are much better.

But, to quote Shakespeare, "What's in a name?" Prestige, product, and personnel go a long way in making the list. So if your winery is named "Xanadu", don't lose hope. But you can peruse the entire list, ranked by most popular letter of the alphabet, to perhaps inspire a second label.