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How to Save 95 Calories on Your Glass of Red Wine

If you are counting calories when it comes to both your food and your glass of red wine, The Drinks Business, in a post titled The World's Most Fattening Drinks has some interesting information for you. First of all, you're probably going to want to avoid sticky and sweet wines like Pedro Ximenez Sherrys. A scant 120ml portion contains 320 calories.

And mulled wine, with its added sugar and booze is going to cost you 400 calories per glass. (Though they don't mention the size of the glass.)

White wine? Two examples are given: Jacob's Creek Chardonnay and Moet & Chandon at 185 and 190 calories per large glass, respectively. Since I'm going to assume the latter is Champagne, I am definitely spending the money and absorbing the five extra calories.

Finally, for a large glass of red wine the article points to E&J Gallo Merlot at 170 calories versus 265 for the Marques de Cáceras Reserva (Rioja). It's unclear if for the Merlot, The Drinks Business is talking about a lower alcohol jug wine that may account for the calorie disparity.

One thing is clear, the folks at The Drinks Business have a heavy hand when it comes to pouring. Their "large" glass doesn't mess around, coming in at 250ml. That's a third of a bottle! So take that into account; a 150ml serving is much more standard.

Also, if the folks at The Drinks Business invite you to a wine and cheese party, say yes and get a driver.

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