Importer Profiles: Louis/Dressner Selections

Import Focus: The portfolio features wines with an emphasis on natural winemaking techniques and originality in the bottle. L/D wines subscribe to non-interventionist methods, such as using wild yeast, non-filtration and hand-harvesting. The company has been instrumental in natural wine’s recent proliferation and rise to popularity.

Where In the World: Wines in the portfolio come from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia and, most recently, Chile.

Who’s Behind It: L/D is a partnership of Denyse Louis, a native Burgundian, and Kevin McKenna. Founding partner Joe Dressner died of brain cancer in 2011.

Choice Words: "We have no brands. We are not looking for them. We do have a group of often fanatical growers who are doing their best to make wines that are original because they are honestly crafted. These might seem old-fashioned, but in the present context it is almost revolutionary...."

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