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MW Says UK Not Excited About Wines of Australia, South America, South Africa

Woe is the Southern Hemisphere when it comes to the proclamations of Master of Wine James Simpson as detailed in The Drinks Business. The UK Sales Director for Pol Roger, while extolling the virtues of wines from the Golden State, not only called Bordeaux "boring" but claimed that when it comes to a few countries below the equator, Brits doing the professional wine buying are nonplussed.

Simpson stated, "We think that California is the next big thing in terms of fine wine and the exchange rate is good and the UK wine trade is looking for something posh to sell, and we’re not excited about Australia, South America or South Africa.” (Unrelated: I have to work the word "posh" into more of what I do. And when Simpson later described a category of restaurants as "uber posh" I practically fainted with delight.)

Unlike Simpson, are you excited about the wines from Australia, South America, and/or South Africa? Which wines would you like him to taste to sway his opinion?

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