Surfing Delectable: What The Pros Are Drinking

Turley Vineyard 101 Zinfandel 2013
"Drinking 101."
Rated 9.4

Turley Sadie Upton Vineyard Zinfandel 2013
"Pure, piercing ruby red."
Rated 9.7

Turley Dragon Vineyard Zinfandel 2004
"Wild Roses, mountain heart."
Rated 9.6

Turley Uboldi Vineyard Alicante Bouschet 2013
"Premiering this puppy! Uboldi Alicante, planted 1910. Blood, iron, game, schwenkered lamb."
Rated 9.5

Turley Kirschenmann Vineyard Zinfandel 2013
"Pebble rockssss."
Rated 9.7

Rijckaert Les Sarres Côtes Du Jura Savagnin 2010
"It's good, savvy?"

Rated 8.8

Turley Mead Ranch Atlas Peak Zinfandel 2013
"Well, that went fast!"
Rated 9.9

Turley Pesenti Vineyard Zinfandel 2002
"Talk about a survivor - this puppy lived through the 6.5 earthquake (hence the Richter scale sticker) AND the '09 flood of the Chattahoochee, still singing!"
Rated 9.0 


Sesti Castello Di Argiano Rosso Di Montalcino DOC Sangiovese 2008
"Fresco. Delicato. Minerale. Fantastico. Magnum."
Rated 9.5

J.B. Becker Eltviller Sonnenberg Kabinett Trocken Riesling 1986
"Petrol notes, perfect acidity... evolved in the glass from steely to sexy tenderness with little breakouts of Riesling fruit. Excellent quality and value."
Rated 9.5

Mastroberardino Taurasi Aglianico 1979
"Aglianico greatness. Driven, super fresh acidity, tannins have softened but epic masculine structure remains. A contrast to the recent vintages which lack the soul in this mother!"
Rated 9.6

Antonio Vallana E Figlio Spanna Cantina Castello Di Montalbano Piemonte Nebbiolo 1964
"1964. Beautiful, aromatic, leathery, with significant grip. Will live for another 30 years easy."
Rated 9.3

Vouette Et Sorbée Extra Brut Rosé Champagne Pinot Noir NV
"Interesting style: vinous with an oxydative note. Dried fruit and faded flowers. Needs to warm up to almost room temp then it's got some neat stuff to strut."

Rated 9.1

Castagnoli Risera Terrazze Chianti Classico Sangiovese
Rated 9.3

Roland Lavantureux Vauprin Chablis Chardonnay 2013
"Racy, stony, with mouth-watering white fruit and a creamy finish. Cha-bling!!!"
Rated 9.0

Château Pichon-Longueville Grand Cru Classe Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 1981
Rated 9.4 


Peter Lauer Barrel X Saar Riesling 2013
Rated 9.1

Domaine Pascal Cotat Chavignol Sancerre Pinot Noir 1997
"Super earthy and elegant!"
Rated 9.3

Nicolas Carmarans Vin De Pays De L'Aveyron Chenin Blanc 2013
"This was very tasty. Waxy, honeyed but still bright."
Rated 8.9

Domaine Roulot Meursault Chardonnay 2011
"Bright and delicious. Definitely reductive style but opened and evolved greatly while drinking it."
Rated 9.3

Alice Et Olivier De Moor Bourgogne Aligoté 2012
"Wow delicious, I could drink this all day-"

Rated 9.2

Calabretta Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese Nerello Cappuccio
"01 vintage and showing so well! Damp earth, minerality and dark fruit with vibrant acidity."
Rated 9.1

Coudert Clos De La Roilette Griffe Du Marquis Fleurie Gamay 2011
"So vibrant and complex. Still quite youthful and glad I have another in the cellar. Got it from Crush."
Rated 9.6

Paolo Bea Pagliaro Secco Sagrantino Di Montefalco 2007
"My favorite vintage of this wine. Bright, lifted and delicious."
Rated 9.4 


Poe Wines Old Vine Pinot Noir Pinot Meunier Rosé Blend
"How lovely to be hone in the beauteous California!"
Rated 9.2

Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey En Remilly Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Chardonnay 2013
"Breakfast wine. 2013 vintage."
Rated 9.2

Ohmine Shuzou Co. Junmai Daiginjo Sake NV
"A little Japan at one of my fave Hong Kong spots."
Rated 8.9

Domaine Prieuré Roch Les Clous Vosne-Romanée Pinot Noir 2005
"Loved this wine."

Rated 9.2

Château Rayas Château De Fonsalette Réservé Côtes Du Rhône Syrah 1988
"Last night's syrah fandango. Fonsalette cuvée Syrah."
Rated 9.4

Bernard Faurie Hermitage Syrah 1983
"Last night's syrah fandango."
Rated 9.4

Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Hermitage Syrah 1991
"Great with kushiyaki."
Rated 9.2

Cobb Rice-Spivak Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011
"Setting for #IPOB Japan, happening today in Osaka, and on Thursday in Tokyo!"
Rated 9.1 

Il Paradiso Di Manfredi Brunello Di Montalcino Sangiovese 2000
"The most pure expression of grape and place I've ever drunk. Love it. "
Rated 10

Wine Gap Wines Windsor Oaks Vineyard Pinot Gris 2013
"Love this. Super textural and was super delicious with leg of lamb."
Rated 9.2

Ridge Vineyards Monte Bello Zinfandel 1971
"Perfect shape. All raspberries and redwood - unmistakably old Cali."
Rated 9.6

Château Des Soulades Minervois Red Blend 1971
"Totally sound and totally unfit for human consumption. Smells like rat poison."

Rated 6.1

Léon Revol Cornas Syrah 1979
"Made by Revol. Tonight, DOA." 
Rated 7.5

Les Grand Chais Des Côtes Du Rhône Hermitage 1964
Rated 9.3

P. Ferraud & Fils Cuvée Jean Michel Moulin-à-Vent Gamay 1983
"Plenty of Grenache in the Gamay makes it delicious."
Rated 9.0

Bollinger Ay Marne Still White Blend
"From the 70s... Old."
Rated 8.3