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Twitter Talk: Rocks, Volcanoes, and Pinot Noir with J Wrigley Vineyards

When you think of Oregon Pinot Noir, the first thing that comes to mind is...Cascade Range lava flows?!? Historic geological events are just one of the many things that John Wrigley, J Wrigley Vineyards Owner and Winemaker, discussed when he stopped by WineChat on Twitter. Here are some of the most illuminating tweets, and I look forward to Wine Jeopardy coming to television.

Oregon soil pop quiz. Name the two types.

Winemaker, Philosopher:

BTW, where are we?

Next Wine Chat host, Alex Trebek?

How do you farm?

Tasting an AVA:

The hand of a winemaker:

Take that, ABC imbibers!

Agreed on unoaked Chards. (Except Chablis.)

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