Wine news August 2, 2016

The Wall Street Journal on how scientists are closer to harnessing the power of red wine. "Now, scientists hope to overcome that problem by increasing the potency of resveratrol at more moderate doses."

NBC News on an Oregon winery making wine without using electricity or fuel.

The Wall Street Journal on when your dinner guest orders a $700 bottle of wine. "Paul has an even more effective bait-and-switch strategy for dealing with piggish guests: If they pick an absurdly expensive wine from the restaurant wine list, Paul says something like, “That’s a fascinating choice, but I don’t know if it will go with what we’re having” 

Vice on the sommelier bro who is trolling the wine industry. "Some memes are more clever than others but there is no denying that his trolliness is challenging the established norms of wine industry."

The Mirror reports that English wine is ranked about Spain and South Africa.