Wine news June 22, 2016

Forbes profiles wine app Vivino. "Vivino hopes go beyond becoming a source of recommendations, to evolving into a fully-fledged digital marketplace for wine."

Vice explains why one should put their wine in a slushy machine.

The Huffington Post explains biodynamic wine. "We know this might sound hokey to some, and maybe it is, but the strength of biodynamic practices is an adherence to growing crops naturally, and that is something many people consider priceless in this day and age."

Food and Wine asks will a hot apartment hurt my wine? "But a few days or weeks in less-than-ideal conditions won’t do much to affect their aromatic and flavor profiles, so you should feel confident pulling the corks on recent purchases."

In the Wine Spectator Matt Kramer asks will Gamay be the next big grape? "My guess is that Pinot Noir, at its current price points, is now saturated. It's that old supply and demand thing."

ABC News says rosé is a lifestyle. 

In Punch Zachary Sussman goes in search of true Vinho Verde. "Over recent years, a new wave of Vinho Verde producers—typically small-scale, independent winemakers, who represent a stark contrast to the large corporate firms that dominate production—has begun carving out an alternative ethos for the region."

The Drinks Business on cocaine infused wine.