Wine news June 30, 2015

In the Daily Mail over 9,000 revelers spray 130,000 liters of wine at Spanish "Battle of Wine."

The Guardian on a rhinoceros that drank red wine. "It could guzzle vast quantities (three or four bottles in a sitting). Which may explain how, in October 1792, the rhino stumbled and dislocated its right front leg."

Alder Yarrow tastes wine from Idaho. "Like in many young wine regions (both here in the United States as well as around the world), the Idaho vintners whose wines I tasted seem to believe that the way you make a good wine is to buy lots of expensive barrels each year and make sure the wine spends lots of time in them."

The Washington Post on why the American wine market is so important to Bordeaux. "Eizaguirre acknowledged that the Bordelais “forgot our traditional markets,” including the United States, with the China boom of the last decade, which fueled a sharp price increase in the most prestigious wines."

The Wine Economist on concerns for New Zealand wine. "Some of the people we talked with in Marlborough back in 2014 were thinking in terms of protection and brands and they were worried by New Zealand’s lack of a stronger geographic indicator system for wine."

Winefolly looks at the myths around the health benefits of wine.

Dr. Vino looks at Europe's heatwave. "Burgundy, which is known for producing wines more winsome than boxum, will have four days in the 100s (39C+) this week–and the balance in the 90s."