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10 Wine Confessions Include Oven-Heating and Refilling Expensive Bottles

We've all been there. Whether it's feeling uncomfortable about a wine label, in a wine shop, or interacting with a sommelier. So in a poll of 5,000 Australian wine drinkers, what were their Top Ten wine confessions? They range from the totally understandable (bought a wine they couldn't pronounce) to the head-scratching (heated wine in the oven). Here is the full list, from a survey commissioned by Australian wine retailer Vinomofo:

Top 10 Confessions of a Wine Drinker

1. Bought a wine they couldn’t pronounce (72%)
2. Googled the price of wine that was a gift (64%)
3. Felt intimidated by a wine list in a restaurant (63%)
4. Felt nervous when asked to taste the wine in a restaurant (49%)
5. Felt intimidated in a wine store (47%)
6. Faked wine knowledge to impress someone (31%)
7. Left a glass of wine for the waiter or chef in a restaurant (25%)
8. Mixed wine with a soft drink (18%)
9. Heated wine in the oven (7%)
10. Refilled an expensive bottle of wine with a cheaper one (6%)

Grapegrower and Winemaker has a quote from Vinomofo CEO and Co-founder Andre Eikmeier who, while pleased to "hear from the people" about their wine-drinking habits, does find some of the results troubling.  “...[I]t is concerning that the majority of people still feel nervous or intimidated when buying wine in a restaurant or wine store, which goes to show there is still too much of the old bow-ties and BS around wine."

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