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A Pain-Inducing, Arrow To The Heart Memory of a Wine

When it comes to Copa Di Vino, a lineup of single-serve wines that come in a plastic container, there is a lingering finish of bitterness for the stars of the TV show "Shark Tank". The wealthy benefactors (aka "sharks") dole out deals to eager entrepreneurs, and James Martin, founder of Copa Di Vino, appeared not once, but twice on the show to try and work one out. Which, alas, never came to pass.

And ABC News reports the sharks do not have fond memories of negotiating with Martin, who they called arrogant, obnoxious, and stubborn. Shark Kevin O'Leary revealed that when Copa Di Vino is mentioned in his presence, it's like " arrow to my heart, the pain I suffer when I hear that name." (I'm guessing he doesn't mean one of Cupid's arrows.)

But Martin is having the last laugh. Though he left with no agreement with any of the sharks, Martin was flooded with attention and investors after the show aired. And now? "We're on track to serve more wine than McDonald's serves cheeseburgers," he boasted. Maybe he should sell his wine at McDonalds?

What do you think of the single-serve, resealable plastic cup? Is it something you'd try at a ballpark or other venue where it would be a convenient option?

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